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Transformation Management Office

At upquest, we believe that a digital transformation contributes to reveal the value of our clients. It is a tough process, requiring expertise, that can deliver high value results, at the condition that it is not just considered as a communication/marketing exercise.

A common pitfall we can observe is to make the digital transformation a tool-centric journey. In all cases, the digital transformation requires tooling and technical solutions to make it real. However, this is only a mean and/or a facilitator. We believe that the success can only be achieved by looking at the transformation at a broader level, encompassing real expectations from the clients, including quality of service, ease of customer journeys and value for money. Proceeding that way positions the tool as an opportunity instead of a constraint. We have observed that clients driving the digital transformation from the customer point of view get better results in terms of adoption and acceptance. upquest is often managing RFP process on behalf of its clients (recently for a CRM platform, or a core banking system), and we constantly recommend and implement this successful approach.

Getting the most of a digital transformation requires also to go one step further, and look at the inside of the company. Employees are a key vector in making it a success ! If only the customer facing part of the processes are digitalized, and the employees remain with good old way of working, there is no benefit for them, and no eagerness to promote the new model to clients. It is often forgotten, or let’s say, considered as a second priority, where actually this is fully part of the solution. Instead of seeing it as an additional burden, employees become actor and consider opportunities for themselves in the transformation. upquest is currently busy at a client to actually bridge this gap. After a successful digitalization of most of client oriented processes, the focus is now put on the digitalization of employees owned processes. Better later than never !

At upquest, we want to understand who you are, accompany you in your transformation and help you go further in your uniqueness.


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