Transformation Management Office

Drive the strategic change agenda and execute transformation with a down to earth approach

Value Management

As an organization, I want to adapt to better serve our business vision and ambition. I want to make sure that our initiatives deliver clear, measurable, and relevant outcomes.

At upquest, we align change initiatives with your business strategy keeping value creation in mind. Our unique combined experience in driving changes and managing organization “under transformation” ensures swift and secure project delivery. Our independent approach and our proven tools & processes offer effective support, good anticipation and sound decision-making, while ensuring transparency on anticipated costs and expected benefits.

Post-merger integration

As an organization I want to integrate separate legal entities to unlock costs, create revenue synergies and seek value optimization for investors.

At upquest our diverse practical experiences gives us the confidence to set ambitious but realistic goals for any given post-merger transaction, to setup the most effective integration organization and determine the right governance structure to execute projects and capture synergies in-line with your objectives.

Digital Product Owner

As an organization I want to offer a state-of-the-art digital suite to my client.

At upquest, we have seasoned consultants with strong digital experience to drive the initiative and guarantee that business value remains top of mind in every digital change envisaged, while carefully considering technical requirements.

Transform To Agile Organization

As an organization, I want to renew my operating and business models to uplift my change capabilities. In a disruptive and digital environment, and with increasingly complex change portfolios, I want my organization to become more agile and efficient. While benefits arising from having an agile organization are all clear me, getting there is another story.

At upquest, we have the experience to help you plan for the right steps of your transformation at the right time and adapted to your organization. As there is no « one size fits all » method, with our down to earth approach we secure a pragmatic implementation of your agile transformation. By setting tangible Agile adoption enablers towards your people and organization, you will reveal your abilities to change.

upquest - Transformation Management Office

Customer Experience

Create service-oriented organization with digital tools and engaged customers

Customer Journey

As an organization I want to increase the level of intimacy I have with my customers.

At upquest we believe in the strengths and benefits of having customer journeys clearly defined and customer touchpoints well documented. We see it as starting point  for all subsequent change initiatives dealing with customers, such as a.o. processes simplification, operating models transformations, digital channels setup.

Customer Engagement platform

As an organization I want to reinforce my salesforce and my support teams by providing easy-access to their existing tools, but also by automating processes.

At upquest we have proven experience in defining, driving and implementing customer engagement platforms supporting sales and operations processes, orchestrating all interactions with the customers throughout their entire lifecycle, tracking the touchpoints customers will have with the organization.

Client Services

As an organization I want to increase the level of client satisfaction. I want to provide unique and personal customer service experience.

At upquest we define state-of-the-art digitally-enabled client support service. We reposition customer services as a key asset and give it all the attention it requires. We leverage on existing client interaction with servicing teams to accelerate sales and to offer relevant and innovative products and services.


Finance Transformation

Enable CFOs to unlock value creation and better cope with a disruptive and data driven environment

Operating model design

As an organization I want to optimize finance reporting processes to unlock my teams’ potential and provide more insights to my business partners.

At upquest, we help you identifying automation opportunities. We will guide you with the design of a strong finance vision on key capabilities needed to better service your company and its external stakeholders and to unlock existing capacities for meaningful data analysis. Accustomed to complex finance environments and organizations, we also put emphasis on Agile operating models to accompany and facilitate transformation.

Transform Digital Finance

As an organization I want to implement changes that deliver tangible business value and offers additional leverage on the use of new digital tools. In an ever-changing world with more data-driven internal and external needs, I want to position the role of the finance department as a key business enabler.

At upquest, we are passionate about bringing changes to position CFOs and their organization at the heart of business value creation. With a proven track record that speaks for itself, we help you identifying gaps and untapped potential within your own organization to boost your finance processes and bring the best out of your team. Our seasoned experience of digital finance tools combined with strong links to our data management services makes a strong case to help you shift your attention from manual processes and controls to optimal use of data to service your business and comply with your regulatory needs.

Control framework & data quality

As a finance organization, I often face the dilemma of standing both at the end of internal process value chain and at the forefront of external audit and ever-increasing regulatory constraints. Without a strong control framework ensuring that my data can be trusted, I run the risk of failing both internal and external requirement needs.

At upquest, we strongly believe in the importance of data quality and how it may impact your regulatory, financial or fiscal reporting and ultimately influence your reputation. We have the right skills to guide you through the design and the implementation of your own vision on data quality and controls. We help you structurally improve the quality of your data to allow your teams to focus on what really matters to better support your business.

Modern BI & Reporting

As a finance organization, I often face a scattered landscape of multiple data sources with no single structured and consistent way of accessing data. I need a matured and well documented data platform to comprehend multiple reporting needs, from standard reports to advanced analytics.

At upquest, we know what meets modern and efficient reporting & analytics solutions. With strong hands-on expertise in both finance business reporting/analytics needs and in digital technology, we will support your transformation and the build-up of reporting capabilities that meet your needs.


Regulatory & Compliance

Translate regulatory requirements in an actionable plan, and execute it

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC)

As a financial organization, I am facing increasing challenges to comply with AML and KYC regulatory requirements and implement these changes in a timely manner, while keeping operational cost under control.

At upquest, we have in-depth expertise in AML and KYC related-topics, both on defining target solutions & operating model, as well as embedding them into an existing organization. Our expertise includes : development of global compliance policies, Client on-boarding, Periodical KYC Review, solution identification, operating model simplification, automated engines/workflows, SLAs and KPIs. We are also setting up golden source reference data.

Banking industry regulations

As a banking organization, I need to cope with constantly evolving and ever more complex regulatory requirements. Over the last decade, regulators have imposed more and more rules to comply with: Mifid, Volcker, Libor transition, BCBS239, Anacredit, Basel III, Capital Requirements Regulation, and many others. I no longer want my organisation to endure these regulatory rules but instead to proactively manage these.

At upquest, based on many years of banking regulatory experience, not only do we help you meet these requirements, but we also provide you with the means to anticipate and to adapt to future regulatory needs. Predominantly perceived as a burden and as being ever more intrusive, new banking regulations can actually be used to benefit some of your other internal needs. By complementing our data management expertise with our banking industry knowledge, we are ideally positioned to help you implementing solutions to secure value creation in addition to addressing your regulatory needs.

Regulatory reporting

As an organization I face the need to cope with new prudential regulations and reporting standards. Building internal knowledge and finding solutions which limit the operational impact are key challenges initiated with the launch of new norms such as IFRS 9/17 or Solvency II.

At upquest, we fully understand the impact and criticality these new regulations and standards may weigh on banking and insurance activities. With our subject matter expertise, we support you on all underlying accounting, risk and data quality processes to automate and facilitate accurate external data reporting. By going the extra mile in leveraging our expertise, we also guide you in implementing solutions to become more proactive should new needs arise.

upquest - Transformation Management Office

Business Technology & Data Management

Revealing the best from your data assets as a strategic competitive advantage

Legacy Modernisation

As an organization I want to make my IT legacy evolve to the newest standards, in order to avoid any business disruption, and provide first class services to my stakeholders (internal or external).

At upquest, we have experience in driving such evolutions, from target solution selection to effective data migration from one system to another, in core banking as well as in front office tools. We value an approach based on blueprint, where key processes and technical building blocks are mapped together and provide a strong basis for the project.

Data Architecture & Solution Design

As an organization, I would like to standardize the way we collect, store, transform and distribute data within the different business units. I would like to build a data-driven organization where data is used to build actionable insights which can bring value to our customers and also to my organization as whole.

At upquest, we have strong expertise in the design and the implementation of a scalable, future-proof and a flexible architecture for data-platforms, either on-cloud or on-prem. We design data platforms, in a way that it will help businesses to transform into a data-driven organization with actionable insights using reporting and advanced analytics capability. In addition to this, we architect metadata-driven data platforms which also support the needs for data quality, reference data management and data lineage.

Data Engineering

As an organization, I want to bring together all data sources within my business and IT landscape and integrated into a common data model. To serve that purpose, I want to build a unified platform that can integrate all data sourced within my organization either in batch, micro batch or streaming mode.

At upquest, we bring technology and processes into play to help building an efficient, configuration-driven data engineering platform that can bring your data together, but is also designed/meant to help putting metadata management and data quality right into the end-to-end chain of data movement from point of origin to your data platform. We help in design and implementation on the one hand of cloud-based data engineering platforms, which bring the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of cloud, as well as on the other hand component driven platforms which can be integrated into an existing business processes to allow seamless integration of data. Powered by our strong domain expertise we also help organizations with the design and the integration of their data into common data models specific to the needs of their business processes and users.

Insights and Advanced Analytics

As an organization, I would like to be in a position to use data from my landscape to build reports that can be used by the business to take informed and insight-driven decisions. I would also like to develop a proactive approach to solve my business problems and bring more value to customers by solving and anticipating their own problems.

As upquest, we help you with the building of a metadata-driven insights platform and focus on reducing turnaround time between when data gets generated and when it becomes available on your reports. We guide you in setting clear goals to help faster, accurate and insight driven decisions not only towards your customers, but also to remain fully compliant with applicable regulatory standards. We also provide strong domain expertise and technical competency in machine learning and artificial intelligence to encourage more proactivity in decision-making processes.

Data Governance

As an organization, I want to know what and where my data assets are and have a holistic view, ownership and accountability of data. I also want to define clear ownership of the data assets, roles & responsibilities and build an end-to-end data lineage capability to use data as a strategic business asset.

At upquest, we support your efforts to build collaborative data governance, both on-prem and on-cloud, as a focal point to your data management platform. To gradually build a culture of collaborative data governance, we propose to opt for a strong metadata-driven approach at the heart of the data platform build up. This is meant to help your business understand the data throughout its entire lifecycle which spans from point of origin to a reporting data point. This would lead to an efficient insights and value driven business data platform. With your organization owning these logical steps, key aspects such as ownership, compliance, data quality will be incorporated to better support your data management activities.

Privacy, Security and Compliance

As an organization, I would like to build a secure data platform that ensures data privacy and complies with applicable regulatory requirements.

At upquest, we handle privacy and security compliance considerations with the upmost importance. We advise you step by step on how to best integrate data privacy into your data platform from the ground up in full compliance with GDPR and applicable regulatory requirements. We help our clients make the best use of their data for insights and analysis both on-prem and on-cloud.


People transformation

To support organisations in developing strategies that reimagine all aspects of workforce management. This includes accessing, aligning, engaging, coaching, up-skilling, rewarding and, ultimately, leading at pace an agile workforce in a constantly changing environment.

At upquest, we have experienced consultants, executive coaches and interim managers that support and partner with our customers to help:

  • create an organisation that is adaptable, reflective of its clients needs and sustainable
  • drive a workforce that thrives on productivity and value
  • design all aspects of work in a way that allows individuals to find meaning in the work they perform and to help them drive the initiative and ensure that the customer remains core in every digital and transformation change that is made