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upquest accompanies financial services companies through their digital business transformation journey, with a high level of pragmatism, a healthy dose of optimism, and full dedication. Every challenge we approach for our client is seen as a unique opportunity to evolve to qualitative and enduring changes.

upquest offers a large spectrum of services with total commitment of its teams, to unlock and reveal your value.


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True value is released when we dare to transform.

At upquest, we think of transformation as a combination of levers, with any of these that can independently be activated from oneanother according to the complexity of the project.

Besides managing these change levers, we believe that strong project management skills are essential to successful in-depth transformation. We have a number of large-scale cross-border transformations under our belt both as in-house and external experts, and are comfortable with complex environments.

We make the difference by keeping a down-to-earth approach in everything we’re doing.

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Our Mission

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Your Value

We believe in your company’s potential.

We want to understand who you are, to accompany you in your transformation and to help you go further in your uniqueness. We reveal your value.

Our Approach

At upquest, we believe in the power of a team! We are convinced that acting collectively and leveraging in individual team members differences is far more effective than acting alone. We team up with you and your teams to build lasting, value-creating results.

To form the best possible team, we offer the services of our permanent staff as well as those of our large network of skilled freelance contributors. We pay the utmost attention to teamwork and make sure that all our advisors adhere to the strong values of our corporate culture.


We put ourselves in your shoes

Our founding partners have all occupied senior positions in large companies as head of global projects or as department managers with day-to-day execution responsibilities. With this experience, we understand your needs and constraints, and can better adapt our approach to your reality.

We strive for quality and lasting results

We hold ourselves to high standards. We have put in place crosscheck and systematic internal quality reviews of our deliverables.

We are flexible, agile and pragmatic

Because we are a small firm, we’re flexible, agile, and above all, pragmatic. We constantly look for the right balance between speed, quality, sustainability and personalization. We are down to earth!

We speak your language

We don’t make your issues appear more complex than they really are. We keep our language and our solutions simple and effective.

“ We believe in
your unique value


Our Story

Founded in Belgium by management consultants and senior executives from financial institutions across Europe, UpQuest could see the opportunity to create a new story of working with clients through a difference lense. ‘UpQuest’ was inspired by a new way of thinking, an ambition to support and partner with businesses to help unlock their value and expand their capabilities and capacities. Too often in todays challenging environment, future ‘value’ is not placed at the core of business processes and UpQuest with its unique team of multi-cultural and multi-lingual consultlants has gradually built an international client base focussing on this question of value and sustainable value – from transforming the way in which people see their potential to looking at data, process, digital and all the other areas of the business spectrum. Businesses need to constantly transform, adapt and understand their value….Make UpQuest your partner to help and support you and your future value creation.

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned consultants, enthusiastic about helping our clients to embark on the transformation journey. We are determined to take concrete actions that have real impact. We also have a strong freelance community, with proven track records, allowing us to propose only the right profiles with the right skills. At upquest we engage in a collaborative spirit with your internal teams and we only make promises we can keep. We always strive for strong teamwork while keeping it fun.

About Us

Founded by management consultants and senior executives motivated to create a new story together, upquest offers an innovative way of making consulting, revealing the value of clients and consultants.

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